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As many good things in life - it all starts with wood.

In order to bring our pieces to life we use only responsibly obtained highest quality hardwood that has gone through a proper process of open air seasoning and mechanical kiln drying in order to reduce moisture content and eliminate wood internal stresses. Hardwood is not only more durable and therefore suitable for long lasting everyday use items but it is also very appealing due to its natural long fiber texture and variety of shades. These are the main natural aspects that give each of our products its own unique look and makes it impossible to create two identical looking pieces. The shade and fiber texture also varies between wood species. On our products we mainly use European oak which is one of the finest materials for high quality woodworking. Its' hardness, durability and high water resistance makes it very suitable for our designs, moreover, oak wood has a very distinctive look due to its natural grain texture. However we are also open to create customized pieces using different, exotic hardwood species -  Ash, Iroko (African teak), Sapele (African hardwood) etc.


Each step of the manufacturing process is subject to a high quality control. It is important that the wood is selected carefully by hand so that the material doesn't contain any branches, cracks or other natural defects that would make it unsuitable for our product. Wooden boards are layered according to direction and texture of fiber to eliminate internal stresses and achieve ultimate durability as well as the aesthetic appeal of a finished product. Such technique also reduces the risk of cracking due temperature change. We use only high quality suitable adhesive for gluing the wood pieces together and press the material during gluing process. It is essential that the material is glued evenly to prevent it from cracking while the product shape is being created. After the wood material has gone through all the steps of preparation, it is then ready for the next stage - the design.


It is our goal to provide not just uniquely designed but also long lasting high quality products that are easy to maintain on a daily basis. We choose only highest quality processing materials to achieve total water resistance while still maintaining the natural look of the wood texture and color. After the basin shape has been created, product processing is divided into several steps, starting with low viscosity primer that is being impregnated deeply into the wood. It is then followed by multiple coats of an advanced lacquer formulation. Each layer is applied by hand to achieve the most accurate result. Appropriate time intervals are being kept between processing stages and each layer to ensure the required chemical reaction in the right temperature and humidity. 


When creating a design we pay specific attention to details that make our products stand out. Therefore along with an extraordinary shaped washbasin we offer our customers to choose a button that suits their taste the most. Four top quality stainless steel options have been handcrafted in both oval and round shapes to make sure that they match our designs. We use only stainless steel  to ensure the longevity, durability and aesthetic appeal this valuable material is known for. It is also environmentally friendly 100% recyclable material.



With some help from the tool company Autine by John Neeman we have also created some very special Damascus stainless steel buttons that are unique with their distinctive pattern reminding of a flowing water. 

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