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Creating various kinds of specific technical objects for our clients projects has become a great passion and interest for us. We have gained valuable "know-how" skills and expecience on each project, and continue to do so, by taking on new challenges and making our way through them. It is the fulfillment and excitement of seeing how new techniques, theories and ideas are coming together to form the result that we have strived for from the beginning, that keeps us going and flowing.  

Our experience includes creating full-scale 3D models, shape moulds, bodykit parts and installations for clients in fields such as aviation, sports equipment, mechanical engineering, exclusive sanitary-ware, sustainable innovations, art, etc. We have also had the opportunity to create and develop new design concepts for our clients, starting from visualisations all the way to physical prototypes and everything in  between. 

Take a look at our services and contact us to find out in more detail about what we can do for your ideas and projects!

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