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We are QINN DESIGNS - an innovative design studio that offers full cycle custom design product development and manufacturing services from idea to a finished product. Our creations and projects cover a wide range of possibilities from bespoke interior design products and art objects, to high level technical models and details. 

What inicially motivated us to start a workshop was our passion for design and the endless possibilities of it that can be achieved when combined with innovative technologies and creative vision. For us, it has always been about the shape and form - about how unlimited it actually can be, if we, well, - don't put a limit to it. But now that we have gained valuable experience from projects in different fields, we can say that it is also about new perspectives - through what we do, we have gained opportunities to be a part of each of our client's projects. Amazing projects in many different fields from art to sports, aviation, sustainable innovations and more. Each has an idea, vision, purpose and people behind them, and, for the time being - we get to be a part of it, we get to know more about each of these fields, we get to meet the people whose motivation, creativity and passion is the very reason why it is happening.

It is the experience from previous projects, that gives us excitement and confidence for the next ones. Through each of it we sharpen our knowledge, skills, techniques and creativity, willing to conquer new challenges and bring to life even the boldest ideas.  As Walt Disney has said - If you can dream it, you can do it. 

If you have an idea that you would like us to help bring to life - let us know!


When creating our innovative products and special projects, it is essential for us to achieve and deliver high quality and ultimate functionality within every aspect. In addition to that, we also strive for such values as innovative and timeless design combined with attention to detail, to ensure that, in this time of overproduction, each creation and project that we bring into this word, not only has a high value and purpose, but that it is also as special, unique and creative as it can be.


As demand for the natural increases among every industry, our innovative products, crafted to balance function and aesthetics, is the next step of bringing wilderness into urban spaces. Solid exotic woods are shaped into the most exquisite, futuristic, and yet so naturally fluent forms to deliver the ultimate user and design experience. It symbolizes the balance and power of wilderness, a point of view that humanity today is already gravitating towards, a lifestyle that is more connected to the natural and pure. Rich shades, clean lines, and strength of nature are captured within a timeless design that inspires similar uplifting peace as the one felt outdoors.


"In the Design Industry where almost everything seems to be already done and redone, it can be hard to find your Place, to Create something New and Fresh. But we do it.

We are Qinn Designs and our Story begins with the Northern Nature that we Live in. Because there is no greater Artist in the World than Nature itself. We believe that the Rawest, most Genuine shapes, and forms of Design can be found in every Aspect of it. You just have to Learn. See. Observe. Even Listen.

It is very different than the Noises and Sights that we are used to in this day and Age. But we believe that the Future of Design is all about returning Home. To our most Peaceful, Balanced and Truthful selves. To the Nature that already has it all - the Rich shades, the Timeless shapes, and the Power to Heal. To the Lifestyle that is more Connected to the Natural and Pure, that allows us to gain Calm and Balance within by simply Being. Being Home. Surrounded by Free space. Muted Tones. Clean lines. Fresh Air. Uplifting Silence.

Ourselves. Natural Elements. The Earth." 

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