The company was established in 2018 and focuses on creating innovative, uniquely shaped finest quality hardwood washbasins. Our main goal is to combine an aesthetic design, high quality, and ultimate functionality. We believe that those are the essential components for a timeless design product.

We pay specific attention to details that make our products unique and outstanding. 

Each and every one of our products is carefully designed and created masterpiece inspired by the world around us. In forest, we see green leaves on the branches of the tree, rough wood barks. By the sea, our sight catches the beautiful shells washed out of the water, unique pieces of stone and wood laying around the beach, sand patterns created by the wind, both peaceful and wild waves. Every flowing shape inspires us in the breathtaking untouched nature. 

The timeless design of our products combined with the warm tones and flowing grain texture of the wood provides more than just an aesthetic enjoyment. It is a unique experience of feeling the nature's presence within daily rituals as the satin soft surface is very pleasant to touch. The exclusive handcrafted Damascus steel buttons add another touch of unique with their distinctive pattern reminding of flowing water.

Qinn Designs is a company based in Northern Europe, Latvia. With more than 50% of our homeland covered by forests and almost half of borderline shared with the Baltic sea we are blessed to live and create in such green environment.

Qinn Designs - Balance of Nature within a Timeless Design